Clinic in Havana

Aniplant own a property in Calle Principe, Central Havana. However, when Dick and Christine White visited it in April 2011, it was little more than a shell. It could be used as temporary accommodation for some of the animals taken in from the streets, but it would have been impossible to use it for clinical activities. Dick immediately promised that the Dick White Charitable Foundation would pay for the conversion of this building into a clinic.

Twelve months later, in April 2012, the clinic was opened officially, and 3 days later the volunteer vets were performing surgery in the newly converted operating theatre. A pre- and post surgery room had also been completed, together with an office, library and rest area for vets on duty.

The Foundation is continuing to support the development and equipping of the clinic, as well as the supply of consumables.

As Dick himself says: "The skill and commitment of the vets working with Aniplant is phenomenal. They are doing a superb and very necessary job but they lack financial resources. The least we can do is help them in this regard".